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After seven years of litigation, including two, not one divorce trials and continuous frivolous filings by the mother, even after she was jailed from breaking an order of protection I had against her, I find myself still in court fighting for the sobriety and sanctity of my now 13year-old son. I knew there continued to be battles from the unstable mother and legal bills were nearing a staggering $700k for just a "simple" divorce.

After moving to PA in an effort to get to a jurisdiction that follows the law as written rather than rewriting based on judicial bias, I requested counsel to file a request for jurisdictional transfer. After two years of "research" by counsel on how to do the transfer, I had enough. I filed it myself and looked for new counsel.

In looking for help in filing myself I went to legal assistance offered by the circuit court of MD and was told by Richard Lebovitz that it was a simple request.

After taking his advice I was hit with another frivolous law suit and immediately hired Richard.

Richard responses were precise and decisive. His billing practices were immediate and fully transparent. Dealing with him was the breath of fresh air I needed. He plays no politics. He just follows the legal process which made things so much simpler.

Although my case seems far from over, I have found an attorney in Richard I know really cares about my son, my well being and will do all he can to be sure every right I have as a single dad is explored.

If you have a simple or very complex matter I could not recommend an attorney with any greater enthusiasm than Richard. Please give Richard a call for your own sake.
- Ken Swenson

I recently consulted with Lebovitz Law, LLC for a legal opinion. I was very impressed with their professionalism and prompt attention to my matter of concern. When I initially contacted Lebovitz Law, LLC, they returned my call in less than a few hours. We were able to convene the following day. Lebovitz Law, LLC provided their legal opinion and recommendations in order to help address my concern in a timely manner. I highly recommend Lebovitz Law, LLC as a first choice for resolving legal matters and for identifying possible legal solutions.
- Kai Lak

The service was excellent. When I set up an appointment to talk with the Lebovitz Law Firm LLC, they were very customer friendly. They explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. If I ever need another Law firm to choose, they will absolutely be my first and only choice. I have definitely found my go-to law firm.
- Cody Lynch

Superb service in drafting my will. Mr. Lebovitz was very thorough. He explained the various options for a trust in detail, and he provided great advice as the process went along. He is reassuring, helpful, and friendly.
- Paul Wright

Very pleasant experience working with Attorney Lebovitz. I felt very confident in his professional service and assistance.He explained everything that was necessary. He was respectful and sincere. I would not hesitate to use his service again.
- Janet Cook

I am very pleased with the service that Lebovitz Law provided for my mother and I. I would recommend them to anyone I know because of their expertise, professionalism and knowledge of every legal issue in many jurisdictions, not just the one they are located in. The referral to an appraiser and a deed preparer were beyond helpful. Thanks. Because of this company I own a house!
- Monique Brooks

Mr Lebowitz was my knight in shining armor. He took on my case with a small deposit for his services. In court he was brilliant! I plan on using him again to revise my will.
- Cecile Stacey

Very attentive to detail and kept in touch with us throughout the course of business.
- Jean Neal

I had a long and difficult case. Although quite agonizing at times Mr. Lebovitz hung in there with professionalism and assured that I was victorious in my endeavors. I appreciated having him on my side.
- Tammy Rose

I have known Richard Lebovitz for the last five years and have benefited from his legal services for cases in and around Baltimore City. I have found him to be an exceptional and dedicated attorney.
- Assefa Medhin

My experience with mr.lebovitz has been very understanding and when ever i need to see him he would have me come right over not wait for another day plus he is now my friend great help. Thanks Mr. Lebovitz
- Wayne Archer

I wanted to know if I could hire him for my case. I went to his office he asked me to give him $100.00 consulting fee, I gave him the money and two minutes later I left his office. That was my experience with this gentleman.
- Ahmad Gharanfoli

Great job on a last minute case, you did a wonderful job! Thank you do much
- Christina Ferro

Excellent. Caring and efficient. Advises you of your best interests.
- Mark Schruefer

Professional and Trustworthy! I have known Rich for several months now, both as a networking partner and as a client. He is very knowledgeable in many legal areas and can be counted on to provide solid advice. In me dealings with Rich he has proven himself to be detail oriented, well organized, and reliable. I highly recommend Rich to anyone in need of an attorney - he will take very good care of you!
- Becky Wolff

He was very unprofessional, he missed a court date, he got very nasty and threatened me. Save your money go to another family law office.
- Dashae Dewitt

Very knowledgeable, quick with responding and very easy to get ahold of. Would highly recommend
- Andrew Nistico

He was very professional a good person he let you know how it's going to be and also kind and courteous thank you for everything
- Colvin jones

This lawyer was very helpful. Plus I sent some clients his was and they where very plz with him as well..
Mr. Lebovitz, you rock. Got me my settlement now me and my family can enjoy Christmas like a real family. God bless

I have worked jointly on family law cases with Rich and have also had an attorney/client relationship with him. I have found him to be prepared; dedicated to providing quality services to clients; and a zealous advocate who manages to still be respectful to opposing counsel and the court.

Real Estate advice session
Answered my question partially, but said my matter required more than a 15 minute consultation. Call 5 minutes rather than invest the other 10 minutes trying to help me.

Real Estate advice session
He was unable to answer my question regarding my mortgage loan and compensation of my mortgage broker.

Family advice session
Richard was fantastic. Clearly very knowledgeable and answered every question I had. On top of that, he was very friendly and overall extremely helpful.

Family advice session
My experience was fantastic. I received my call within minutes of submitting my request and got the clarification and guidance I needed on how to proceed regarding my situation. The attorney I consulted with was extremely knowledgable, professional, and helpful. I couldn't have asked for a simpler and smoother process.

Family advice session
Richard Lebovitz was very helpful.

Real Estate advice session
Attorney did a great job answering my questions

Family advice session
I was matched with Mr Lebowitz by error. He is a lawyer in Md and I needed one from Va. He was good enough to answer what he could since it was a different state and wished me luck.

Patience Pays Off
I had a dispute with an ex regarding a vehicle we owned together. My ex and I had an agreement which he broke to turn the vehicle over to me once we seperated. After six months of battling, and Mr. Richard Lebovitz hard work, my ex finally retuned the vehicle over to me! Mr. Lebovitz, I can't thank you enough!

Real Estate advice session
Quick call back. Great experience. I'm looking forward to working with him on Monday

Real Estate advice session
Received phone call within minutes. Excellent advise Highly recommended

Real Estate advice session
Good talk. Got some useful info. I prefer if somebody from my area / zip code would call me with these requests. I would probably not use this service in future for the same reason. But liked the attorney who called me. Thanks.

Real Estate advice session
Great service Great advise from experienced attorney Highly recommended

totally worth it
He was great attorney. He always answer any of my question at anytime. He was quick to respond, very efficient. He actually listen to me and help me have what was right for my child. He explained everything and definitely had all his stuff in order when it came down for court

Mr lebovits is a great lawyer hes very attentive,personable and professional. He made a bad time feel less stressful for my family.. and hes very reasonable with pricing he works with you nomatter your situation...

Honest and experienced
Mr. Lebovitz has guided me through a very difficult divorce with knowledge, professionalism, and experience. He always returns my calls and emails promptly and explains everything to me. I am fortunate that I found him and have him on my side. I recommend him highly and will continue my relationship with him in any legal matters I might face. Mr. Lebovitz is down to earth and honest in all his advice and guidance.

Excellent lawyer!!!
Mr. Lebovitz represented me in a family law matter. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. He was very professional and responded within a few hours to answer any questions or concerns I had during my case. I highly recommend Richard Lebovitz to anyone who has a legal matter.

My elder mother divorce process
During the entire process of my elder mother's divorce Mr. Lebovitz has been a very professional and kind person, understanding and handling the situation in a very effective way. He has always found time to answer any question or concern my mother has in a courteous and clear way.

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