Guardianship Law - Guardianship Lawyers in Towson, MD

Legal authority for personal and property interests of another

Guardianship cases involve taking care of loved ones or others when no one else is able to care for them.

At Lebovitz Law LLC - guardianship lawyers in Towson handle guardianship cases: those involving property and the person.

  • Guardians of property involve handling money and property for those unable to handle their own affairs.
  • Guardians of the person involve taking care of individuals when they are unable to care for themselves. These cases arise when someone has special needs or has been declared mentally or physically unable to care for themselves.

The Guardianship Lawyers at Lebovitz Law LLC in Towson, MD have the experience to handle these cases and resolve any family issues that may arise in these types of cases.

Guardianship Lawyers in Towson MD

Guardianship FAQ's

What is Guardianship?

Guardianships involve the requesting the courts to award you with control over the person and property over someone else. This term usually applies to elderly parents or relatives but it may also involve minor children who need help when a parent is missing, unable to provide for the child or may be deployed in the military.