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Towson’s experienced child support lawyers at Lebovitz Law LLC handle financial, medical and emotional support for children.

Child support cases are often complex, requiring representation from a knowledgeable child support lawyer.

There are three main types of child support cases:

  • Establishing child support,
  • Modifying child support, and
  • Enforcing child support obligations.

Child support is based upon the gross monthly wages of the parents of a minor child. For Basic calculations look at the Maryland Child Support Guidelines. Child Support cases can be more complex when one party is unemployed, underemployed, runs a small business or receives irregular income.

You need a child support lawyer who will review your case and explain all steps necessary to obtain the best results for you and your minor children.


Child Support Lawyers in Towson MD

Enforcing Child Support

When the parent charged with paying child support fail to make these payments or make them on time, a private party or the state can file enforcement actions on a child support order.

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Child Support FAQ's

What is Child Support?

Child support by definition is a financial contribution paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent towards the expenses of raising his or her children. This is closely related to the current custody or parenting agreement you may have with the other parent as child support calculations change depending whether you have sole or primary physical custody vs shared physical custody of your minor child.

How is Child Support Calculated?

Child support cases are based upon the "Maryland Child Support Guidelines." These guidelines take into consideration the costs of raising your children and are based upon your gross monthly income. You also may add in the costs for providing health insurance for your child, extraordinary medical expenses, certain work related expenses, day care expenses, and other recurring expenses.

You should consult with one of our lawyers to help guide you through the forms if you have any questions.

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