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Towson’s experienced child adoption lawyers handle adoption of related or unrelated infants and children.

One of the most common form of adoption is step-parent adoption.

In this proceeding, the parental rights of one parent are terminated to allow a child to be adopted by the other parent's new spouse or domestic partner or by a family member when biological parents are deceased. This is a relatively straightforward process if:

  • All parties involved are in agreement,
  • The proposed adoptive parent is approved by a social worker who conducts an investigation called a post-placement study,
  • And The court gives final approval.

The adoption process can be considerably more arduous when a parent wishes to deny his or her consent to terminate parental rights.

Child Adoption Lawyers in Towson MD

Our child adoption lawyers in Towson can help you understand what your options are in this situation, such as the possibility of forced termination of the other biological parent's parental rights.

Adoption FAQ's

What is Adoption?

Adoption involves the legal and emotional acceptance of a child that was not born to you into your family. The child will have your name and same legal rights of children that were born to you. Adoptions can involve family members or other relatives and may be performed with the consent of other family members.

After the adoption is approved by the court, you will receive an official decree and a birth certificate with your name listed as the parent. It is your responsibility to feed, clothe, house, and educate your adopted child. The adopted child should receive the same love and understanding as a child born to you.