After Real Estate - Foreclosure Lawyers in Towson, MD

Towson’s experienced real estate lawyers handle property foreclosure, seizures and lender negotiations.

Are you a home owner that is behind on your mortgage payments?

Foreclosure involves homeowners that are behind on their mortgages. These can include forbearance agreements, to pay a lump sum of money to bring a mortgage/loan current; a loss mitigation plan to negotiate a new loan or refinanced loan and preserve home ownership or the actual foreclosure of a home.

The foreclosure lawyers in Towson at Lebovitz Law, LLC have the knowledge and experience to review your case and explain the timeline and what to expect every step of the way.

Foreclosure Lawyers in Towson MD 

We can negotiate loss mitigation plans, attend foreclosure mediation and negotiate deed in lieu of foreclosure agreements prior to a sale or cash for keys agreements after a sale. We can file litigation to stop a sale in certain cases. All cases are fact specific and require extension documentation to determine the homeowner’s viable ability to afford a home and whether they qualify for all types of loss mitigation products from loan servicers.

We represent homeowners through the loan modification process and at foreclosure mediation hearings. We work with housing counselors and loan servicers to help guide clients through the process and help to save their home or advise on how to proceed every step of the way. We can help with:

  • Property foreclosure
  • Property seizures
  • Lender negotiations
  • Loan Modifications