Strategies for Co-parenting and Visitation Without a Signed Order

Strategies for Co-parenting and Visitation Without a Signed Order

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Negotiating co-parenting, custody and visitation is no easy matter, which is why many couples spend a great deal of time in courtrooms and law offices trying to get the job done. However, many couples navigate co-parenting and visitation without a signed order on the books.


Child Custody in Maryland


Under Maryland state law, both natural parents are presumed custodians of children, and the law does not favor mother or father. Instead, the court will determine what is in the “best interest” of the child when determining custody and visitation rules. Either parent can petition the court for custody, but co-parenting arrangements out of court are often ideal for everyone involved.


Negotiating a visitation schedule and co-parenting standards are essential to ensure that children have the right amount of time with each parent. Family court prioritizes the well-being of the children involved, so remember that custody should provide each child with the best experience possible. The more that both parents can cooperate, the more that the child will benefit.


Informal Co-parenting Negotiations


If two parents get along well, there is a good chance that they can complete a written custody and co-parenting agreement independently. This document should include visitation details including where the child will spend birthdays, holidays and other family events.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


Alternative dispute resolution proceedings are informal negotiations between both parents and a lawyer or mediator. ADR proceedings are often less formal and adversarial since these meetings take place out of the court environment. Depending on the amount of conflict between both parties and their willingness to work together towards a mutually-beneficial solution, ADRs are ideal for resolving many co-parenting situations.


Mediation of Custody and Visitation


Many custody and co-parenting decisions are resolved through informal negotiations and mediation with a lawyer. The mediator will work with both parties to settle any issues. The mediator cannot force either party to follow a solution, but he or she can guide both parents to create an agreement. Mediation can take place over a few meetings and also, in many cases, improves the relationship between both parents. Meditation will identify any issues in play, discuss potential solutions, create a custody agreement and equip both parties with the tools needed for future success.


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